Jasmine Valandani
pageantpageantthe new youthe new youhidden lightred offeringred offeringeternal balanceeternal balancetouch, gountitleduntitleduntitled (substance)heap of gentleheap of gentleneither remembering nor forgettinguntitledreleased
mixed media on paper

I create mosaics of transparent tape on paper, miniature frames as in a film, capturing imprints of pollen, pigment, seed, spice. Making this work is a way of consciously engaging with the phenomenal world through touch.
The nature of the tape is to eventually yellow, dry up, fall away. Inherent in each work is its own decay. The liveliness of the materials contrasts with the knowledge that what is seen will change and fall apart, inviting a lived as well as aesthetic contemplation of transience and the fragile yet sustaining beauty in the everyday.